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MapInfo Professional Suite

This is a world’s premier desktop GIS and mapping application with powerful mapping and geographic analysis toolsets.


MapInfo Engage 3D

Engage3D suite turbo-charges the MapInfo Pro GIS environment with an extensive range of capabilities.It puts a powerful suite of modelling tools at your fingertips. Not only can3D objects be created from your 2D datasets; points, polylines and polygons can be digitized directly into the 3D environment. These 3D objects can then be extruded and wireframed to create triangulated (TIN) surfaces and polyhedral solids. A toolbox of advanced editing functionality allows these TIN surfaces and solids to be further manipulated.


3D Mapping

GeoCentric Technologies has positioned herself to be a leader in 3-D mapping in the region.


Location Intelligence Software

Location Intelligence has become an indispensable component of Business Intelligence. Spectrum Spatial Analyst combines the power and versatility of our partner enterprise Location Intelligence platform, Spectrum Spatial, with unmatched accessibility, scalability, reliability, performance and cost savings. Spectrum Spatial add the power of Location to your business intelligence by enabling creation and centrally management of maps, spatial data and location-based services across your entire enterprise.


SiteMarker Professional

SiteMarker Professional delivers advanced prediction, site location, statistical modelling and powerful geo-demographic analysis capabilities. Reports provided are a combination of map, graph and tabular formats - customised to suit your needs and to enhance your decision making process.


Geospartial Data Management Systems

GeoCentric Technologies strives to provide best services to our clients in Data Conversion, Database Design, Data Conflation, Data Migration, Database Development, Data Modeling, and Field Data Collection.


Satellite Image Data Analysis

We strive to provide digital image processing services for satellite imagery based data.Our processes aimed at meeting the client's time constraints as is most cases required in application of remote sensing in earth observation and change detection.


Partnership and Collaborations

Geocentric entered into partnership with STGroup from South Africa to be their Reseller for MapInfo product suites,and data as well spatial solutions provider in the Eastern Africa region.Spatial Technologies is the premier Location Intelligence partner for Pitney Bowes Software (MapInfo) in Africa. The company successfully deploys Asset Management and Location Intelligence solutions across a broad spectrum of commerce industry throughout the continent.  Geocentric therefore offers products and services aimed at providing locational intelligence solutions in many fields of application.

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